Taking a Look at the Missouri Compromise

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Missouri Compromise

Most white Americans of the 1800’s agreed that the US push western was hard and crucial to good health of this nation. But the big question was at what cost it should be. When President Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from the French he was very happy with the thought of gaining the mighty Mississippi river and the port in New Orleans for America interest but if he could only see the can of worms it would open for the newly forming United States.
Like many modern day purchase there is always some gray areas that get over looked from time to time. For President Jefferson and Congress it was should any states that got carved out of this area to be admitted to the Union as a slave state or a free state. The Louisiana Purchase had been bought and accepted as a slave territory in 1812, but no other territory had petitioned for statehood until Missouri did in 1818.
The incorporation of new eastern states into the United States made slavery a very slippery slope for national politics. In 1818 there were an even amount of states, eleven free and eleven slave states. In 1818 the state of Missouri which was a large slaveholding state petition for statehood to the Union due to its ever growing population. The northern states were in large opposition to this act for fear that the larger slave holding southern states would have too much power in the Senate and House of Representatives. The issue was that the constitution allowed states to count the
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