Taking a Look at the Philippine Revolution

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The Philippine Revolution began in 1896 and ended in 1898. Before the start of the revolution, Spain was in control of the Philippines for more that three and a half centuries . "During Spanish rule, there was a period of tyranny, misconduct and abuses of the Friars and the Civil and Military Administration exhausted the patience of the natives and caused them to make a desperate effort to shake off the unbearable galling yoke on August 26, 1896, then commencing the revolution in the provinces of Manila and Cavite." The Filipinos attempted to create a revolutionary movement entitled, the Katipunan. The goal of the Katipunan was the death and expulsion of all Spanish people and members of religious orders. However, after Spain handed off the Philippines to the United States in the Treaty of Paris, the American Filipino conflict ensued. The Spanish American war lasted three years and caused the death of 4,200 Americans and over 20,000 Filipinos soldiers and 200,000 Filipino civilians died because of violence, famine, and disease. The Philippine Revolution failed to create an Independent Country because of the Katipunan, the involvement of the United States of America, and by poor military tactics. The Katipunan was a revolutionary group created to rebel against Philippine Government sparking the beginning of the revolution. Many people thought that the Katipunan was an elite nationalist movement of the propagandists, however it was generally known to be the movement of
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