Taking a Look at the Trojan War

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Helen is also known as “the face that launched a thousand ships” (mareinic.blogspot.com). In this paper I will teach you about the war that she started. I will also talk about the start of the war, the tactics, weapons, archeological proof, the end of the war, and lastly I will talk about the after math. Godly start of the war The godly start of the war started with the marriage of Peleus and Thetis, a sea nymph. They did not invite Eris, the goddess of discord, to the wedding but they did invite all of the other gods. The outraged goddess stormed into the wedding feast and threw a golden apple on the table. Eris said that the apple belonged to the fairest of them all. Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite all reached for the apple. They were all…show more content…
The first ship was commanded by his son. However the other 49 were toy clay ships with toy clay soldiers. Tactics used in the war One tactic is that the soldiers would line up tightly and link their shields together. The first few ranks would project their spears. In doing this it made frontal assaults by the enemy much more difficult. This tactic was called the “turtle attack”. The main tactic used in this war was trickery. The Greeks won the war using this which I will tell you about later. Weapons used in the war Some weapons used in the war were the spear, sword, and shield. The spear was 8.8 feet long with an iron spearhead. It was the most commonly used weapon. These were used for their long reach. The sword was used only when the spears were all gone. They were called xiphos. These had a straight blade with a double edge. The shield was wood with a thin layer of bronze all over. These were used to deflect strikes. The end In the end the Greeks won by using trickery. All the Greek ships departed and went into hiding, giving the Trojans the thought that they had won. The Greeks left a peace offering of a wooden horse. Inside the horse was a small army of about thirty Greek soldiers. One of whom was Odysseys. The Greeks saw this fit because it was his idea for the war horse. The Trojans couldn’t decide whether to burn it or worship it. They decided to bring it into their city. In the middle of the night the small army crept out of the

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