Taking a look at the Great Depression

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Great Depression

The great depression was one of the worst disasters that occurred in U.S history. October 29, 1929, is the day the stock market crashed, and that day was the beginning of The “Great Depression”. Many US citizens suffered through this depression, children couldn’t go to school because their parents couldn’t afford to buy school supplies, and children had to work at a young age. Families lost their homes to the bank and they were forced to create homes out of driftwood, cardboard, or even newspapers. The U.S blamed The “Great Depression” on President Herbert Hoover; they actually named a small town after him. President Roosevelt was a hero to the US; it’s because of him that the US had a major turnaround. It was untimely the entrance of the U.S into WW2 that ended The “Great Depression” in the United States. Moreover, President Roosevelt is the reason why the U.S not in the “Great Depression” anymore.

The Great Depression did not only affect children and parents. It also affected farmers a lot; farmers were usually safe form a depression because they were able to feed themselves. However, during The Great Depression, the Great Plains got it bad. The Great Plains were hit hard by enormous dust storms. The dust storms destroyed everything in their path, leaving farmers with nothing but loose grass and no crops. When the dust storms eradicated the crops, the farmers were unable to feed their families and on top of that, they were

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