Talcott Parsons Functionalist Perspective On The Family

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Parsons functionalist perspective on the family In addition to the family needs that they may meet, there are other needs that the family could meet too. For example, families may perform religious functions at home or at their place of worship which would mean that there are different cultures forming society. In the religious functions, all families and friends would gather together and celebrate a religious function in which they would all feel like they belong to each other and would feel like they are members of a society. The religious functions allow families and friends to share their values and beliefs when they are performing rituals. The functions that are performed by families affect the two types of structures of the family that Talcott Parsons identifies. The two types of family structures include the nuclear family and the extended family. The nuclear family consist of two parents and two children and the extended family consists of parents, grandparents and other relatives. According to Talcott Parsons, there are two different types of society which are modern industrial society and traditional pre-industrial society. The modern industrial society is a society in which the mass of production makes lots of goods in factories and where the technology that is used from the mass of production helps to support a large population. Traditional pre-industrial society is a society, which existed before the Industrial Revolution. The pre-industrial society was before

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