Talent Not Left Undiscovered : A Great Impact On The Preservation And Conservation Of Nature

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Talent Not Left Undiscovered
Everyone has a natural strength or talent for something, but some never find out what it is. Luckily, Ansel Adams wasn’t one of those people. A natural photographer, Adams is most known for his breathtaking landscapes, both in black and white and in color, and his great impact on the preservation and conservation of nature in the United States.
Born in San Francisco, California, Adams‘s first real experience with photography took place in 1916 in Yosemite National Park, where his parents took him on vacation (“Ansel Adams”). He hiked all over the park and fell completely in love with it, as he saw and captured its beauty through the lense of his No. 1 Brownie Box camera (“Intimate Nature”). Each year from
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“You don 't take a photograph, you make it,” (“Ansel Adams Quotes”). This was Ansel Adams philosophy, and he lived it. He didn’t just snap photos and hope they turned out, but rather he put great effort into making sure that they passed his test: “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words” (“Ansel Adams Quotes”). Now when one is photographing nature, it is difficult to manipulate lighting, thus the darkroom techniques of burning and dodging were developed. Techniques at which Ansel was a master of, so much so, that as he was taking a photo he could “see the image in his mind 's eye as a final print,” (“Ansel Adams”). He was so adept at creating feelings and emotions out of black and white photos, that when color began to be used in photography he was frustrated by it, finding it unreliable (Woodward). Really considering all the work and skill he put into his pieces, it is no wonder that to him photography was an art form, one that required just as deep an understanding of the elements as other forms, like painting or sculpture. Thus throughout his career he worked very hard to get society and art critics to accept photographers as artists (Esterow). From the time Ansel was a little boy, he loved nature, so naturally the main intent of his work was to express the natural beauty that could be found in the U.S. William Turnage of the Ansel Adams Trust, in his biography of Ansel, said that “Adams believed in both the
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