Tales of French Revolt Essay

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Tales of Revolt Kids, I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t have much time left on this earth. I will tell you a story that I want you to remember and to pass down to your kids someday. How you live this life is a result of a great action taken on by the people of France. What happened in those years are the results you see before you. I worked all my life to get where I am now and I am proud of that. That revolution, that change, the triumphs, and the bloodshed will never be forgotten. Was it all worth though? To me, a simple commoner, of Protestant faith, who made something of himself, I believe that the French Revolution was right in its justification and I supported the necessary changes that needed to be made to my country. …show more content…

I couldn’t return home. At least not at that moment. Many groups formed such as the Sans-Culottes. The Assembly disbanded and the National Convention was created. Louis was beheaded and Republic was proclaimed. The Committee of Public Safety came around 1793 and didn’t do anything to ensure public safety. I kept my mouth shut to avoid death because if you spoke of conspiracy or revolt you would be put to death. Damn you, Maximilien Robespierre! How could someone kill over 36,000 people single handily because they may or may not be suspicious. At least he got what he deserved in the form of his own beheading. This why I wanted change. This country needed it and needed it badly. After the aptly named “Reign of Terror” came promise and what little hope this country had left in constructive change. Prices were lowered and education was extended which was well received amongst the majority. The Levee en Masse finally standardized the weights and measures which was well needed and I was proud of that one. The calendar change, not so much. Nor the Cult of Supreme Being. They took one step forward and two steps back. Then came 1795 and the Directory which was a conservative, 5-man executive. That’s when I first heard the name we all know now, Napoleon Bonaparte. That man can lead an army into battle like I have never seen before. He conquered many lands. Then came 1799 came. That year was one of the worst I can

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