Meeting Of The Estates General

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Meeting of the Estates General I was at the Palace of Versailles located in France for a meeting. I am a 30 year old housewife in the 3rd estate. There are three classes; the Kings and Queens (1stestate), Noblemen (2nd estate), and the poor class (3rd estate). France is in a financial crisis mainly due to the King and Queen wanting to be richer. The meeting was held because we were going to find out which of the estates was going to get an increase in tax. The King decided that the 3rd estate was going to have the increase in taxes. We are the poorest. How will we ever pay the tax? I want a democracy so we can have a say on what’s going to affect our lives. Tennis Court Oath I was done with our King. He did not care about his people. …show more content…

I ran out of the house and went to the Bastille. When I got there people were surrounding the prison demanding gunpowder. The people wanted gunpowder to protect themselves from the Royal troops. No one wanted a government run by the Royal Troops. It would be worse than the Monarchy. All the guards refused to give us gunpowder. I knew this was the beginning of a democracy because people were starting to fight for what they believed in. The March on Versailles I finally had enough money to buy a loaf of bread. My family was never able to afford food so we were always hungry. We begged for food but no one else had money or food. Bread is usually 50 cents a loaf. Today the price was five dollars a loaf. The King and Queen raised prices to get more money. I could not afford this. That day hundreds of women and I marched 13 miles in pouring rain to the palace yelling “Bread.” We demanded that the price of bread go down. The group of women promised to stay at the palace all night until they saw the Queen. Finally we were able to break into the palace. We searched every room for the Queen. Then she came out of her room listening to our complaints and stories. Finally she told her husband to lower the price of bread for the people. This was a step towards democracy because the people were heard and the King and Queen reacted. Reign of Terror I stood there watching people die on the guillotine. Thousands of people dead

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