Taming Of The Shrew Research Paper

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Women are vital members of our society today, and they can contribute equally as men. But at Shakespeare’s time, people underestimated women and thought they were the weaker gender. Women couldn’t do many things that men could do. Female’s rights have exceedingly grown from being the inferior gender in Shakespeare’s time to being equal with men now.
During Shakespeare’s time, society thought of women as inferior, which made their life difficult. They weren’t allowed to have a business, write literature, or act in plays. The men played the roles women instead of letting the women act (College Teacher). Women weren’t even allowed to study besides the basic subjects such as grammar or music. Not only that, women were supposed to be obedient and do household chores like making the food, cleaning the house, or making the bed. If some women had servants that did all the work, they would have more time for recreational activities, such as singing or weaving. In “The Taming of the Shrew,” written by Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew illustrated Katherine as a shrew, but she was then tortured by Petruchio resulting in her as a loyal wife. Petruchio didn’t let her eat, sleep, and didn’t even let her wear the dress she wanted until she became his loyal wife.
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For example, they can work a wide variety of jobs, such as being a police officer or even a firefighter. Jobs like these take an incredible amount of strength, yet women still do it, proving that they are just as strong as men. . Not only that, women today have the freedom to study and learn whatever they desire such as algebra, architecture, and computer science.They no longer have to be obedient to their husbands. Women’s rights have increased so much that there is even a female presidential candidate running for office right now. Since women started writing literature many interesting books and classics are being published by women, such as Harry
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