Target Demographics

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The Target that we chose to analyze our classification of products at was in Bloomington, IN at College Mall near Indiana University’s campus. Since this is one of the only malls near this campus, this is one of the only places for college students to shop. Also, there are many restaurants and other stores around that attract people to this area. From our experience of being students here, we know that we go to Target a lot to shop. Therefore, choosing to locate the store near a college campus and not a small town probably helps sales dramatically. College students are also at the age where they prefer to work out quite often, so Target is in the perfect place for customers that desire more active wear clothing. There are not many other …show more content…

We feel that it would have been easier to shop if all leggings styles were next to each other, all tank top styles were next to each other, all sports bras next to each other, and so on. We found the same exact pair of leggings on two different sides of the section. This could keep a customer from finding an appropriate size, which could result in Target losing a sale. Thus, although the active wear section itself was very easy to find, making shopability easy, the styles of clothing themselves were very spread out making shopability difficult. Therefore, we believe Target deserves a grade of a three for this topic, as it isn’t terrible but definitely could be improved.

Promotion/Marketing of Product
Rating: 5

We were very impressed by how well Target marketed the C9 Champion brand. There was signage all around the active wear section, including a large sign along the aisle with a logo by the mannequin, signage on top of clothing racks, on the sides of clothing racks, and extra detail on the hangtags. The signs portrayed the goal or mission behind the brand: Freedom, Premium, and Embrace. Hangtags specified which of these the style of legging was, also including more information about the product such as Duo Dry+, reflective lighting, zip pocket, soft comfortable fabric, ventilated zones for breathability, and more. As just described and as seen in the pictures below, each hangtag specifies the extra benefits or findings on each product. Some of the hangtags

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