Taser Gun Vs Pepper Hairspray Case

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Thinking back to what happened to Amadou Diallo or even Rodney King, how easily could the situation have been handled differently if a Taser gun or pepper spray was used in both incidents? To begin with, If Rodney King was acting unruly, the police could have used the Taser gun instead of four different officers beating him with four different batons then place Rodney in handcuffs since handcuffs are good with “subduing uncooperative and dangerous criminals” (). Along with Rodney King, if Amadou was the suspect the police were looking for and the wallet that they assumed was a weapon, how could they of handled this episode differently? Of course the police could have revealed their weapon to exhibit authority, but if the verbal commands were not being followed by Amadou then action by the police could have taken place.…show more content…
That being the case, if the police officers were commanding Armadou to get on the ground because they thought he had a gun and he wasn’t listening then the officers could have used the taser gun and apply however many volts in order to get him to give in, instead of firing 41
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