Tax Case Study

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1. What is your interviewee’s relationship to you?

The relationship that I have with the person that I interviewed is my father. My father had previously filled out his taxes by hand, but has recently switched over to using a tax software. He has found that although the tax software walks him through the aspects of filing his taxes, it is still challenging for him to navigate certain aspects of the computer software.

2. What are some provisions of tax law that you have found to be particularly beneficial for you and your family?

My father currently files as Head of Household and is still able to claim me as a dependent. In addition to being able to use a dependency exemption on me, he also has found it very beneficial to itemize …show more content…

4. What are some provisions that you would have hoped could be changed in the tax law?

One aspect of tax law that has been brought to light in recent years is that of overtime pay. My father expressed to me that only workers who make a (small) amount of annual income are able to collect time and a half pay for working more than 40 hours a week. Even though his company offers time and a half for more than 40 hours worked a week, he shares that many companies do not. A lot of his friends are working jobs where they are working 50-60-hour work weeks and are not being compensated fairly for it. My father feels that many people are working harder than ever before and are still remaining stagnant, or even falling further behind.

5. Do you prepare your own taxes or go to a tax preparer?
• If you prepare your own taxes, what software do you use? How long does it take you?
• If you go to a preparer, why do you go? How long does it take you to get ready to see your preparer? Do you meet with your tax preparer? If you wouldn’t mind sharing, how much do you pay in tax preparation fees?

As previously stated, my father expressed that in recent years he has began to utilize tax computing software to prepare his taxes. He currently uses Turbo Tax on an annual basis and has to devote roughly an hour to preparing his taxes. He has found that the

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