Taxidermy Short Story

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“Follow your passion. Be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and above all do not let anyone crush your dreams.” -Donovan bailey In the short story “taxidermy” by kevin kling, The theme of dedication and obsession are portrayed many times. The story Taxidermy is about two brothers who always seemed to be the cause of or near the site of death so then their mother enrolled them into a taxidermy class because she thought that you might as well do something with the animal remains, the two boys seemed to be very interested in the topic and eventually got hooked. The two brothers both got very good and loved talking about taxidermy, so then when the boy scouts troop asked what their winter project would be on of course they are going to scream out taxidermy and they got the whole boy scouts troop hooked.Through the elements characterization, irony, and personification Kevin Kling suggests that even if you work hard and have dedication towards a skill it might not work out in the long run. Obsession was a very important theme of this story and was portrayed best by John stoner. The literary element of characterization can relate to obsession with a couple quotes throughout this story. “John stoner has been coming in with these squirrels that had nothing visibly wrong with them- they looked like perfect squirrels. We found out later that he was catching them in a have-a-heart-trap- A live trap- putting them in his garage,shutting the garage door,starting his dad's car,and

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