Taylor Swift Audit Analysis

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A Detailed Review of Taylor Swift’s Reputation After the record breaking sensation that was “1989”, a three year hiatus, and an explosion of drama that tore her apart, Taylor Swift is back; and she’s not alone. She’s returned with an untouchable attitude and a thirst for revenge- one that we never expected to see from her. In Reputation, Swift’s sixth studio album, you will catch a glimpse of Taylor’s side compared to what the media has said about her in recent years and more. After listening to this album on repeat constantly since its release and analyzing every single second of every single track, I’m here to explain why Reputation is nothing short of phenomenal. Unlike her previous albums, there are no breakup songs on Reputation- …show more content…

Then “Don’t Blame Me” plays; an exquisite bop, with hints of gospel, such as a faint choir in the background. The chorus of this song is unique from her others, with Taylor singing in a more atypical style than usual. Along comes Swift’s fifth track in the album, “Delicate”, which is a smoot, modern, yet emotional ballad about her current love. Taylor’s sixth track and first single released off Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do,” is a powerful, intense, and controversial song which represents a turning point in Swift’s career and a bloody thirst for revenge. Although the chorus is monotonous and could be improved, “Look What You Made Me Do” earned its place to be the first single released off the album by making the public feel a frisson that left us all in shock. The iconic lyrics “I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead!” creates a frightening ambiance in the song that makes you either despise it or become addicted to it. “Look What You Made Me Do” showed the world that Taylor is done with playing the victim, and that she’s sick of playing petty little games. After the haunting track that is “Look What You Made Me Do,” “So It Goes…” plays, which is a much more mature and scandalous version of Taylor’s previous love songs; leaving you pleasantly surprised. Soon after that is “Gorgeous,” an adorable, girly track with a

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