Taylor Swift Research Paper

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Love her or hate her, one thing is certain, you've probably heard of Taylor Swift and know she is a country singer/songwriter. There are many reasons for Swift's meteoric rise to success, including songs that speak to youth and some powerful musicians who've helped her along the way. Swift was the youngest songwriter ever hired by Sony and the youngest singer to write and perform a song that hit number one on the Hot Country Songs chart. Forbes ranked her as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in 2015 (#64). Just how did she achieve so much success at such a young age? Swift is definitely the Queen of social media. She has 62.3 million followers as of August 2015. That number continues to grow as she reaches out to fans, they reach back and …show more content…

Surprisingly, she reached out by treating her fans just like they treat others. She used the platform to forge new friendships by reposting their posts and conversing back and forth with them. She didn't just get on the social media platform and act like a superstar, she acted like an everyday person. Fans loved it. How can you utilize this in your own social media outreach campaigns? Vary your posts. Don't constantly try to sell something to your followers. Instead, share an interesting quote, tell them a funny story about how your product came in handy, or retweet them. Remember that social media relationships should be a two way street. They retweet you, you thank them or retweet them. Start a hashtag and favorite when customers use it. Forge new friendships and be more accessible. Reach Out to Fans In a world where celebrities are often inaccessible (and I don't blame them, they have to protect themselves from crazed fans, Taylor reaches out to her fans. Fans are thrilled when she does what she calls Taylurking. This is essentially her looking for mentions of her on social media and then commenting on it on her own social media. Can you imagine being 14 and your favorite country singer retweets your picture and quotes some song

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