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STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS for “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston Please indicate the page number(s) where you find the answers for each question. Reading Section I: pages 1-94 PART I: “THE SHADOW OF MOUNT ELGON” Something in the Forest 1. Describe the life of Charles Monet. What were his “hobbies”? 2. Where is Mount Elgon? Describe the surrounding environment. 3. How may Charles Monet have been exposed to a level 4 virus? 4. Describe the symptoms experienced by Charles Monet in the days following his visit to Kitum cave. 5. In what ways could the virus have been passed to other people from the time Monet left his house until he arrived at Nairobi hospital? 6. Who is Dr. Shem…show more content…
Describe how the team attempted to “Decon” the monkey house. The Most Dangerous Strain 10. Describe the Ebola Reston virus strain. 11. How many humans died from Ebola Reston? 12. Why is the Reston virus so much like Ebola Zaire, when Reston supposedly comes from Asia? Reading Section V: Pages 375-411 PART IV: “KITUM CAVE” 1. Describe the author’s journey to Kitum Cave? Why did he make this journey? 2. How did AIDS likely first appear? 3. Why have vaccines against HIV been unsuccessful? 4. What became of the Reston, Virginia monkey house? 5. What is the author's view on the emergence of these destructive
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