Teacher Reflection Paper

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Walking into the first two weeks of the EDU program I desired to experience what it would be like to be a future educator and have a grasp of how to help the molding of our youth and giving them the possibility to become future leaders. Doctor dresser was able to bring in a Concordia alumni who had just begun to experience his professional education, career and is teaching multiple different grade levels as a young teacher. When he first walked into the classroom my first impressions were that unfortunately he looked very inexperienced and unsure of what was to be expected of the lecture I thought to myself in the position of a younger student in his classroom this is a person I would not take seriously. He then proceeded to communicate …show more content…

Again in my own opinion, I truly think this made his presentation crash for me in the simple fact that at some point in an educator's life you will have to deal with all sorts of different people difficult and not, but a teacher has to be prepared and grasp and or uphold all situations in a calm, peaceful and professional manner. Him, having said that made it seem as he still has not yet accepted that fact. Overall the teachers visit was very informative I did take a lot of mental notes from what the teacher said into account and do hope to practice as well as utilize some of his methods in my own classroom to see how well they work for me. He did inspire and motivate me to try hard and put everything that It can possibly give into teaching and the college process because the payoff is life changing. Having this professional education instructor come back to his college in which he graduated and having the luxury of conversing with students sitting where he was not too long ago about being an educator was very inspirational to me. Also to see the amount of the commemoration doctor dresser was awarded to this man gave me the intuition of doing the same and come back to my college to be bestowed the occasion to tell aspiring

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