Teaching Abstinence and Abortion in Junior High Sex Education

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Teaching Abstinence and Abortion in Junior High Sex Education 1. The two most important topics for a junior high sex education curriculum I think would be abstinence and abortion. Teens these days are struggling in a world that tells us sex is necessary for people who are dating. As a result, many teens give in to their desires and the pressures and engage in sexual relationships. This occurs from early to late adolescence and beyond. Supporting teens' choices, schools teach "safe sex." In my school a group was brought in to demonstrate for the entire school how to put on a condom, using a microphone. This turned into a joke, no one taking it seriously. Even so, it is a horrible example. We have to teach the kids abstinence …show more content…

In the curriculum I would inform students about centers that counsel pregnant women and men on how to deal with the birth of the child. Adoption is a good option, as well as keeping the child, considering living standards are comfortable. However, the best way to prevent abortion is to abstain from sex in a relationship where a baby is not desired; largely, marriage. 2. The basic organizer of sex-role attitudes a person meets in adolescence is the self-categorization as a boy or a girl. The child who recognizes that he is a male begins to value maleness and to act consistently with gender expectations. He begins to structure his own experiences according to his accepted gender and to act out appropriate sex roles. He reflects sex-role differences and he fantasizes himself as a daddy with a wife and children. The same holds true for the girl, who pretends she is a grown-up woman with a husband and children. Sex differentiation takes place gradually as children learn to be male and female according to culturally established sex-role expectations and their interpretations of them. 3. As they become oriented to the adult world, adolescents' powers of reflective thinking enable them to evaluate what they learn. They become more capable of moral reasoning. Furthermore, their ability to differentiate the possible from the real enables them to distinguish not only what the adult world is but also what it might

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