Teaching At The School Of Public Education Essay

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Layney Luis
English 1302-002
Dr. Jeff King
December 7, 2016

Teaching to the Test
Dear Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self, I write to you with the common concern for our nation’s schools and children. Your work in the field of public education is outstanding and you’ve been recognized for your achievements. With your experience, you are very well acquainted with the need to improve our public education system. As a college student who has been through the public education system and desires to teach, I believe standardized testing has overtaken teaching and the joy of learning. I love learning and I love children and extending knowledge to them through teaching. I am currently in the process of obtaining my B.S in Early Childhood Education. I have yet to experience teaching in a public school setting but I know it’s a cooperative struggle to work with administration to ensure students are learning according to curriculum and beyond. For the past 3 years I have taught children from the ages of 3 to 6 at my local church. This gives me a bit of insight to the learning process within students. The mark of true learning is within their engagement of new topics and connections to old (Fuller). The education process should be assessed within the classroom and the ways students interact with material they are taught, rather than relying solely on standardized tests for data.
As a mother and a member of the Early Education Committee, you know the curiosity and excitement within young
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