Teaching Diversity, Inclusivity And Differentiation

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Teaching in Diverse Australian Schools Assessment One:
Diversity, Inclusivity and Differentiation

We come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Why should the way learn and think be any different to the way we look. What is inside us reflects who we are and how we function. It is what separates us from the people around us. Diversity expresses our cultural background, our social and family status, our academic abilities and our sensory/physical abilities. Every child is deserving of an education no matter what sets them apart from the crowd. Diversity is what makes us an individual. Students are on their journey of discovery who they are and who they want to become. As an educator it is our responsibility to cater the journey to match the unique, diverse and individual to the students we have in our care.
All children can learn and the right to an education. Inclusive education is based on the moral, legal and human rights that each of has. The idea of inclusive or differentiated instruction is an approach to teaching that advocates active planning for and attention to students differences in classrooms. Inclusion in its most general sense is the right to active participation and achieving equity, the achievement of outcomes that are equal, through engagement in all aspects of daily life. A process through which barriers are removed to help with participation and progress for all students, it is therefore a process of responding to the uniqueness of the students and
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