Teaching Learners Develop Their Students ' Oral Proficiency Essay

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The materials, activities, exercises, and digital tools in the project can help Chinese EFL teachers develop their students’ oral proficiency. In addition, with authentic learning materials and speaking practices, the project is designed to help English learners develop their communicative abilities. English teachers in China may refer to this curriculum in designing their own lessons for oral practice. English teachers in China can find some inspirations from this project when they want to use some speaking activities. This project may benefit EFL or ESL teachers who are teaching in a communicative classroom. EFL teachers, as well as ESL teachers, can use the activities in the project to practice students’ oral English. Also, English teachers can use some exercises in the project to assess students’ oral proficiency and design a curriculum for instruction based on the assessments. Stein (1999) said that oral proficiency refers to the ability that helps people to communicate effectively and accurately in the target language. English teachers in China, who want to create an authentic learning environment for the learners, can use the authentic materials in the curriculum or refer to the curriculum to design their own. By learning the curriculum in this project, EFL learners may develop their vocabulary, English skills and technology skills. If they are going to study in the U.S., the curriculum can help them increase their English comprehension skills and the skills of

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