Teaching Philosophy Reflection Paper

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As a pre-service teacher, the professional role that I have been developing and striving towards is based on the principles of equity and excellence amongst all my students. The key aspect underpinning this role is ingrained within my teaching philosophy based on the ideals of fostering inclusive education. Foreman (2014, p.19) asserts that inclusive education is based upon the notion that schools unconditionally cater for the individual requirements of all their students, regardless of any barriers, being they include ability or disability. My teaching philosophy takes this notion into consideration as it is bound by social justice principles and is in agreeance with the UN Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities 2015, stating that every individual has a fundamental right to an education. This philosophy mirrors the present legislation in place, in regards to the Disability Discrimination Act (1992), that states it is illegal for education institutions to discriminate against individuals based upon their disability. Additionally, the Melbourne Declaration’s (2008) first goal requires that all students have a right and access to a high level of education, free from any forms of discrimination. Thus, I view my professional role as an educator is one who would enact such policy by putting it into practice. However, at the same time I must be aware that inclusive education is founded upon the principles of responding and supporting individual differences amongst

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