Teaching Reading Skills With Computer Assisted Language Learning

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Teaching Reading Skills with Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) CALL or Computer Assisted Language Learning is known as the area of applied linguistics concerned with the use of computers for teaching and learning a second language or foreign language (Chapel and Jamieson, 2008). Computers have been used for educational purposes since mid-1960s with the work of Suppes, Atkinson, and their colleagues (National Reading Panel, 2006). However, up to 2006, there were still relatively few numbers of research concerning the incorporation of computers or other technologies in education especially in the area of reading according to the panel. They noted that it was probably because technology had not become a main topic for many reading researchers at that time, and because it was often believed that reading could only be taught by a human. However, even though there were only few research on the subject, the panel concluded based on their analysis toward several researches that it is possible to use computer technology for reading instruction; and the use of computers for teaching reading can be a good alternative, especially with the development of multimedia computers nowadays. For second language or foreign language learners, developing reading ability is important in learning the language. However, it can also be a challenging process because they have to decode the text, try to understand the words, and comprehend the text all at once (Samuels, 2006). Therefore, it
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