Teaching in America: God in Schools

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Every job opportunity can have ups and downs within it. Teaching is not an exception; there are many different jobs involving teaching, including teaching in the government run public schools. Since the public schools are run by the government they have certain laws and restrictions that the teachers must abide by. One such law is influencing children to consider a certain religious belief during class time. Even though teachers in public schools are not allowed to mention their personal religion in the classroom, they can still share their beliefs after school or by fostering an atmosphere where the students ask for their personal opinion.
Teachers play a huge role in society by teaching children academic, social, and behavioral skills. Teachers teach children a variety of subjects including the basic subjects, as well as, extra special classes. Some of the basics would include arithmetic, reading, and writing; whereas, some of the extracurricular activities may include band, art, choir, or different sports. The teachers also teach social and behavioral skills by correcting the student or praising a student depending on how they act. The behavioral teaching begins when a child is small and continues as the child becomes older. When teachers let a child know they disapprove of certain actions they are encouraging the child not to do them. A child who is praised for a certain action may be more likely in the future to repeat such an action. Teaching children behavioral

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