Technical Analysis

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SYMBIOSIS SCHOOL OF BANKING MANAGEMENT Constituent of symbiosis International University Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, vide notification No: F.9.12/2001-U-3of the Government of India. IMPORTANCE OF TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IN DETERMINING MOVEMENT OF PRICE IN EQUITY STOCK MARKET Internship Report submitted to SIU in partial completion of the requirement of MBA Banking Management at Symbiosis School of Banking Management Pune-412115. NAME OF THE STUDENT: PROJECT MENTOR (SSBM) PROJECT MENTOR /…show more content…
TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 19 The Differences 19 1. Charts vs. Financial Statements 19 2. Time Horizon 19 3. Trading Versus Investing 20 The Critics 20 Can They Co-Exist? 21 D. METHODOLOGY AND ANALYSIS 22 I. THE USE OF TREND 22 Types of Trend 23 Trend Lengths 23 Trend lines 24 Channels 25 The Importance of Trend 26 II. SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE 26 Why Does it Happen? 26 Round Numbers and Support and Resistance 27 Role Reversal 27 The Importance of Support and Resistance 27 III. THE IMPORTANCE OF VOLUME 28 What is Volume? 28 Why Volume is Important 29 Volume and Chart Patterns 29 Volume Precedes Price 29 IV. THE USE OF CHARTS. 30 Chart Properties 30 The Time Scale 30 The Price Scale and Price Point Properties 31 V. CHART TYPES 32 Line Chart 32 Bar Charts 32 Candlestick Charts 33 VI. CHART PATTERNS 34 Head and Shoulders 34 Cup and Handle 35 Double Tops and Bottoms 36 Triangles 37 Triple Tops and Bottoms 38 Rounding Bottom 39 VII. MOVING AVERAGES 39 Types of Moving Averages 40 Simple Moving Average (SMA) 40 Linear Weighted Average 41 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) 41 Major Uses of Moving Averages 42 VIII. INDICATORS AND OSCILLATORS 44 Aroon 45 Aroon Oscillator 45 Moving Average Convergence Divergence 46 Relative Strength Index 47 Accumulation/Distribution Line 48 IX. OTHER IMPORTANT TOOLS IN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 48 Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio 48 The Mathematics 48 The Fibonacci Studies and Finance 49 1. Fibonacci
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