Citibank: Performance Evaluation Essay

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João Paulo Coelho (BOAH 2401) October 04, 2010
Citibank: Performance Evaluation
In 1996, Citibank was an emergent banking institution attempting to increase its market share in the competitive Los Angeles area. In order to do so, the bank’s strategy was to focus slightly less on their financial growth, and much more on providing “a high level of service to its customers”. Management viewed this paradigm shift as “critical to the long term success of the franchise”.
To implement these changes, a new Citibank employee performance assessment scorecard was created, briefly tested and quickly implemented. Though I believe it was a much improved and broader way to gauge individual performance, there was certainly room …show more content…

For Citibank this measure was helpful in assessing the level of awareness and involvement of the managers with compliance problems.
Customer Satisfaction
The most ambiguous and subjective measure on the scorecard, happens to be highly regarded by Citibank leadership as a vital gauge of the long term success of the organization.
I look at this measure as having 2 very distinct elements. In the telephone survey previously mentioned, there were questions regarding services provided at the actual branch, and questions concerning other Citibank services such as 24 hours phone banking and ATM services. I believe questions pertaining services offered at the branch belong with the Strategy Implementation measures, as management clearly stated customer service as a top priority and the branch managers’ actions should be closely linked to services provided at their own local office. All other questions, ones related to additional Citibank services and seemingly out of a branch manager’s control, should be eliminated from their performance scorecard.
Under the current format, there is information that I deem crucial to making this decision that is not provided with the case study. Being that this Customer Satisfaction measure is new in the assessment scorecard (which was only briefly tested before being implemented) I would like

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