Technical Theater Career Analysis

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I have always been a very curious person. Whenever I though about something I don’t know or understand, I ask others or look around in an attempt to find the answer. Every child is curious, but my curiosity was refined. It was refined to logic and reason. Why does the sun set every night? Why do I stay on the floor or ground and not float away? Why am I where I am right now? Why… My mind was, and still is, full of questions. As soon as I had an unanswered question, I needed to find the solution. Things gradually became more complex as I grew older. Along with this increased complexity came more interesting problems that required more thought to be understood.
When all the simpler questions had been answered, I needed to think bigger and longer …show more content…

In middle school I volunteered to help out backstage for the play that was being performed in the fall. I had no idea at the time how much I would love the knowledge and skill set that came with the world of technical theater. It didn’t all happen at once, because the theater program at The Fessenden School wasn’t the greatest, but it was enough for me to know how much I enjoyed it. The step by step of each sequential scene was crystal clear to me. The following year, I was promoted to the role of stage manager to replace the student who had previously held the role. I stepped up and got to work. At the end of that year, the head of the theater department told me that he thought I was much better than the previous stage manager due to my constant check-ins about scene changes and prop locations when I asked about how well I did in comparison. "As well? No, much better in fact!" I have never forgotten his …show more content…

Curiosity has shaped who I am as a person by providing first hand experience in a wide range of subjects and activities. This is why I greatly appreciate the concept and usage of the phenomenon of 'curiosity', both as a child and throughout the entirety of one’s life. It has shown me what I love, what I don’t really enjoy that much, and everything in between. I have been able to focus in on the topics I enjoy and improve my aptitude for them in the

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