Techniques Of The Bearded Dragons

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They are aptly named due to the use of their gular pouch, a large fold of skin around their neck with conical scales that when extended looks like a beard. This pouch is used, along with a display of teeth, to show aggression when they feel threatened, but can also be used to communicate mating intentions. Their body is covered in rough, raised scales that are used for collecting rainwater as they bend down low and let water trickle down towards their mouth. Their underside has smoother scales that when lying on a surface, can pick up vibrations and sense movement, and in the wild this incredible sense of touch was used to monitor the bearded dragons surroundings. Their eyesight is okay, lacking in depth perception while maintaining a large field of full colour vision, but another surveillance tool at the bearded dragons disposal is its parietal/pineal/third eye, located at the top-centre of the head it can only sense changes in light and dark and is used to warn the bearded …show more content…

Should the baby lizard start to get jumpy or scared while being handled gently cup your free hand over the lizard, creating a hiding space within your hands which should relax your lizard and make it feel safer. As with all reptiles, skin to skin contact puts you in risk of salmonella poisoning and so you must ensure hygiene protocols are in place to protect you and your pet. People with salmonellosis usually experience symptoms 12-72 hours after initial infection, which include fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramping. Thoroughly washing your hands before and after handling with warm water and anti-bacterial soap should suffice. Pay close attention when children are handling your pet to make sure their hands are clean before touching their face or

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