Technology And Technology Essay

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When it comes to writing papers and making sure people are using the correct punctuation and making sure everything is spelled right, it can sometimes become a stressful time in the process. With technology comes stress because you have to learn how to use it properly and what not to do with it. With technology improving as the years go on, people have started to question whether the use of texting has affected the way people think and do certain things on a regular basis that ultimately affects human’s writing skills in the process. In the report, talking about the issues that come along with technology, it stated that it was “taking over our lives” (Cullington, 2010, p. 1). Technology is increasing day in and day out, and the writing will only get worse. In an article it states “90% of school children owned phones, and that 96% used text messaging” (Plester 2008. P.1). The fact that more than ninety percent of children use cell phones goes to show that technology has rapidly taken over everyone’s lives. And this number will eventually grow to a full 100% the more generations are introduced with technology.
During the article reading, it had multiple of the same things repeating it over and over. The words that were often used were technology, writing and teachers. In the report, the writer stated that only about 25% of high school students have “prominent writing skills” (Cullington, 2010, p. 2). Percentages are often used as well and provides the numbers that were tested

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