Technology And Technology In Canada

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Canada has overcome many challenges throughout it’s upbringing, but still has to face new and prominent challenges every day. One of the more notable disputes Canada has to deal with is upcoming technology, and its effect on modern day society. Does society allow security to go through phones and other personal property, or does it consider that a breach of an individual’s rights. Although it’s a topic no one wants to touch, the large influx of refugees and the situation in the eastern countries has become a very prominent issue in Canada’s recent years. Lastly, but most importantly, freedom of speech has become an extremely tricky subject, once again dealing with fundamental human rights. Curb one’s freedom of speech, a basic and important human right, or pertain to the feelings and thoughts of society, sheltering those who might get offended. These are arguably the most prominent issues in society, and the debate as to what the right answer is will last for many years to come.

An issue all societies face is technology. A recent boom in the technological progress has allowed for a plethora of scientific breakthroughs, but with that progress comes negative backlash. Airport security has been tightened drastically since the events of September 11th, 2001. With the advent of technology, terrorists have the ability to cause massive damage and casualties with just a typical cell phone. A recent debate for Canada has been whether the security clientele of any organization has

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