Persuasive Essay On Airport Security

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Airport security in the United States has been a controversial topic since the terrorist attacks of September 11th. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was established to ensure the safety and security of US airports. New regulations such as taking off shoes and full body scanners soon became the new normal in airports across the country. Travelers voiced concerns and complaints over the heightened security measures, arguing that they invade privacy and are unethical. On the other hand, Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport takes a very different approach to tackle terrorism in airports. Instead of high-tech machines, the airport focuses on the use of intelligence data and profiling to effectively identify terrorists. In the …show more content…

The only other option for passengers uncomfortable with the full body scanners is a full body pat down, which can be just- if not more- as troublesome. There is anecdotal evidence that passengers feel that pat‐down procedures are embarrassing and invasive because they involve screeners touching people near sensitive body areas. Although very specific guidelines and boundaries have been established by national airport authorities, inappropriate pat‐down searches are still reported. (Bello-Salau 666)
The TSA, however, tries to assure passengers that the images produced are blurred which means the passengers being screened cannot be recognized. It further emphasized that the images are not recorded. In response to this, the Islamic Human Right Commission (IHRC), a non-profit research and advocacy organization based in London, says “The fact that a person’s facial features cannot be identified does not mean that the images are any less invasive. The images still show the person’s body in graphic detail where intimate piercing, catheters and all the parts of the person’s body (including those that a person would normally wish to keep private) are seen by the screener. This is gross invasion of privacy.” If these images are truly not archived, the question is where is the images uploaded on the internet are gotten from. (Bello-Salau 668)
Furthermore, these full body scanning devices may not even be effective. A team of researchers at UC San Diego, University

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