Technology And Technology : The Future Of Technology

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Technology is one of the world’s greatest developments, and it has impacted us all greatly. Most of us look at technology as a friend, and we grow to have an attachment to it (Gonchar). In our generation, people would rather check their phones and their senseless apps than to socialize with others face to face. Individuals all around the world own smartphones or computers, and they spend a great deal of their time using them, either browsing social media or using the internet. In some ways, technology has made everyone connected; however, it also has disconnected us from reality. As a teen myself, I understand the desire of technology and how it fulfills our boredom. However, it is disheartening to think that several years into the future, this world could potentially be full of antisocial individuals. Often times, people would rather stay home and communicate through social media than to actually talk to another human being (Gonchar). That is not something to be proud of. But in reality, we take our phones/electronic device with us everywhere we go. Being on our devices all the time causes depression or makes us feel alone. We read about other people’s lives on a screen instead of living our own (Kachroo-Levine). Most people post about how they’re feeling or what they’re doing to give themselves pleasure of being like everyone else doing the same. This could be causing people to be antisocial. One out of three people in the world are antisocial and eighty-four

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