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Going back a few decades there was no emails, internet, mobile marketing, or smartphones. Now with the rise of technology communications are instantaneous. Most of the communication in the business field from a producer to the consumer has been much easier with the help of technology. Amounts of information move through email and the internet which is all powered in the hands of owners of smartphones and employees sending the information. A huge impact that technology has had over the years has been improving operations at companies of different sizes and helped turn small local businesses into global businesses today. In today’s society it is very hard to walk down the street or walk into a store and not see a person with a smartphone either in their hand or close by them. Most people are glued to their phone whether it’s being directly on it, checking it every few minutes, or having it close by. Cell phones have become a necessity for businesses, because it is a key of communication. It makes it easier to stay in touch with clientele, and is also a huge marketing tool as well. Email, text messaging, and social medias are other advances in communication through technology that keep small business as well as global businesses, stay connected to their customer bases and improve internal communication within the company.
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One way any business could stay connected to their customer bases is through technology and using the smartphone to their advantages. Every

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