Technology And The 21st Century

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Teaching by television was long ago considered to be the next technological buzz sweeping the nation prior to the 21st century. As a result of the television, technology that was used at home slowly begin to be adapted for educational purposes and applied to educational settings. Learners like their Saturday morning cartoons, so why not create educational shows similar to that media that captures a learners attention for hours a day. Sounds great, however when creating educational curriculum many unforeseen issues and challenges arise. Today, we find our classrooms once again in a technological arms race, similar to the times of educational television. The 21st century learner is stated as one that is submerged in technology, motivated by technology and even inspired by technology. So as the technology constantly evolves, teachers and administrators are also forced to quickly evolve its teaching and administrative practices for the 21st century learner. As a campus leader responsible for the planning, use and supervision of curriculum and instruction, I, based upon the assignments in this course, would address the full range of responsibilities I would have and would be able to offer teachers a multitude of strategies to ensure curricula is challenging, relevant, taught, and tested. When creating curriculum writers must create curricula that is challenging. Curriculum serves a multitude of purpose for teachers, administrators and students. According to Whitehead,

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