Technology And The Internet Of Things

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The Internet of Things, or as many people like to call it IoT, is a wide growing industry with technology that is advancing each and every day. Physical objects are becoming mapped with technology that us humans will eventually come in contact with and interact over the internet. The Information Technology world feeds off of this industry because the internet is storing this data that we use, and the IT industry just comprehends it. With more physical objects being mapped in the real world, the IT industry will need more people to help control all of the systems and data that is being used. An example of this is if a company lacked a certain product then that problem would be reported to the company and further deliveries would be conducted (Weber, Pg. 23) This fast growing industry is remarkable, and the developments of the legal, social, ethical, and security, can be just as astounding.
Background. The idea of the Internet of Things began in the early 1990’s and is said to be brought up by Mark Weiser, a computer scientist from the University of Michigan (Mattern, 2010). Things that are not recognized as much as part of the Internet of Things, can be as simple as a barcode, an NFC tag, or a QR code which is classified as an RFID tag (Radio-Frequency Identification). Examples such as these are what is making the world around us a technological advancement. IP addresses are what the RFID tags are identified with, and since there are more technologies then there are

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