Technology Devices Serve The Elderly Population At Home

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Since the beginning of the Internet the world has evolved in technology products. We wake up using technology; from cell phones to smart TVs, we cannot live without it. Technology has helped us connect with people whom we would never have connected with before. In today’s generation, we are constantly using smart phones, laptops, tablets and Smart TVs to connect with people and other resources. Our health care delivery systems have also had the need to evolve from paper charting to electronic charting, this has helped increase communication from physician to physician and physicians to patient. Nurses, doctors and patients all have to be educated in the computer systems to ensure that healthcare delivery can be precise and accurate to connect patients with their physician and other members of the health care community. I have chosen to write my paper involving technology devices serving the elderly population at home. There is a prediction that in “2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to reach 83.7 million, in which it will almost double its estimated population of 43.1 million in 2012” (Bureau, 2016). There are plenty of statistics out here that indicate the number one problem for seniors is depression and loneliness. Depending on their living situation, seniors spend most of their time at home with minimum interactions with the outside world. The major concern with the medical field shortage will be how can we manage the elderly population’s health and get

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