Technology Dystopias

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Technological dystopias have become a common setting within writings, due to the technological advancements society continuously makes each year. The future can never be certain, and as humans progressively advance, so does the fear that people lose control over their creations. Two recently created dystopias rely on the development of technology as the destruction of society, as through the invasion of privacy. The Circle by David Eggers and “The Entire History of You”, episode three of season one of Black Mirror focus on the societal impact of advancing technology, and the potential destruction of privacy due to it. The technology developed desensitizes human connection and interactions, which is what is beginning to happen within …show more content…

As the plot progresses, changes within Mae and her relationships become more noticeable as her dependency on technology increases. She eventually becomes the face of the Circle, broadcasting her life at almost every moment and helping the Circle to create more ideas as to how to become more transparent. She initially was hesitant to become so involved in social media, but after gaining popularity and success at the Circle, she changes to support total transparency. Mae’s family comes to disown her towards the end of the book, because of how much she has changed and her total support for technology as a way to keep track of people. Mae was close to her ex-boyfriend, Mercer, but as she grew more accustomed to the expectations of working at the Circle, their relationship changed. Her dependency on technology worried Mercer, and he went as far to tell her the concerns he had. She disregarded this, and tried to get Mercer to realize the power, helpfulness, and inevitability of technology being a large part of society. She tried to prove that by finding Mercer, who was moving to Canada to get away from the shift of society, and talking to him through a drone to show the power of the Circle’s technology. Mercer kills himself during this to avoid the corruption. The friendship between Annie and Mae shifted towards one of competitiveness and jealously instead of supportive. Annie falls into a coma by the end due to the stress and unhappiness of her standing

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