Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Technology Has Taken Over Our Lives
Our society has become dangerously dependent on technology. Easy access to technology during every minute of the day can be useful at some points, but overall is not necessary. Specific problems, and causes will give us a glimpse into our growing dependency and how it is affecting our lives in various ways, none of which are appealing.
Our society has become too dependent on technology. New technology used in areas such as medicine, business, manufacturing and production is valuable and beneficial to the world, however the dependence on this technology has made people for example, lack in social tendencies, and become indolent and impatient. Should this dependency escalate, our ability to act on our own will evolve us in some ways into mindless robots. With easy access to friend’s information our society is encouraged to use their technology devices to communicate through text or social media instead of face to face communication. As this continues, our culture will regress even further from human contact. This regression can be detrimental to our relationships with others. Voice activated technology allows us to turn off our brains and let the technology do the work. Our community finds this technology a convenience and decides to depend on voice activated technology to text, change the channel, and even turn off the lights in the room. This will further diminish our ability to rely on our own human intellect. The speed of access to

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