Technology In The Classroom : The Future

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Technology in the Classroom: The Future is Now Each Year, schools are changing the way they educate by including more technology in the classroom. While some teachers and parents are concerned about the rapid modernization of the classroom, many people believe it is the best way to help set up students for future success. Modern technology belongs in the classroom because it gives students important technological experiences, increases student interest, and has many useful tools. One of the benefits of technology in the classroom is that it gives students important technological experiences that can help them in the future. According to the article “Laptops in Schools: Should Schools Give Students Laptop Computers to Help With Their Classwork?” published by Infobase learning, “Schools supplied laptops to engage and assist students while supplying equal access to technology. They also help students cultivate computer skills that will be useful once they enter the workforce.” The article is stating that technology in the classroom gives students good computer skills. The article also suggests, “ Supporters of laptops in schools argue that they help bridge the ‘digital divide’ that separates students who have computers aid high-speed internet from those who do not”(“Laptops in Schools…”). The supporters in this source are claiming that laptops are preparing students for the workforces they will be entering once students are finished with school. According to former Windows

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