Technology In The Us Research Paper

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Society today has us connected more than ever. Over one billion people are active on Facebook and other social networks. In other words, there are more Facebook users then there are people in the United States and Mexico combined. Use of technology, usually like the internet, has brought people together ranging from KONY 2012 to seeing a relative that lives hundreds of miles away. It could be argued that sharing of ideas and being entirely connected has almost been globally reached and implemented, but the result of these virtual profiles, and being globally connected is tragic: People are becoming more lonely than ever. Use of technology such as the internet has given people the opportunity to be connected, but in reality “more than 78% of …show more content…

The ownership of social profiles, brings about having an amount of these users known as “followers.” Having large amounts of these “followers” has brought some users to believe that they have all the attention that they need. Although, having thousands of followers does not guarantee anything. These listeners or “followers” are not really there, in fact, they aren’t. America’s technology has led people to believe that this gap of crave for attention is being fulfilled. It has been proven that the drive fo. It makes us feel like we have companions or rather people that is there to hear us. It is as if these “followers” understand us and know that we crave this attention by dropping a “like” and sometimes taking the time to leave a comment. The reality is, it is as if there is always someone online to like a Facebook status or to favorite a tweet. These online interactions makes people forget how to socialize in the real world and bring upon social changes and eventually it leads to loneliness. This tragic idea is the result of the internet having your full attention but not your surroundings and the real world you are living in. In fact, back before the television was a big deal, entrepreneurs and big corporations believed it was a terrible idea as Americans would not have time to sit in front of a television to watch their time away. Now, televisions are almost in every home in America and real life is not being lived as these people prefer watching these television shows rather than going out and interacting with others. It has eventually brought a crisis upon us that can be avoided by using your devices and technology with a certain limit. This can also be changed by actually interacting with people face to be face rather than on a group chat which could help one work on social skills rather than other

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