Technology In WALL-E And Idiocracy

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Technology is a big component in our daily lives. You could see people everywhere using technology to communicate with others, accomplish their works, and entertain themselves. The movies, WALL-E (2008) and Idiocracy (2006), both convey the theme of how technology negatively affects the behaviors of humans in the future. In the movie, people are less intelligent, more dependent on technology and neglect their surroundings. Both movies did a great job in presenting this theme, but WALL-E is more successful because the technology use and impact is more severe. In Idiocracy technology isn’t everything, but in WALL-E, people rely and function with technology. The movie WALL-E talks about a dystopian future approximately after 700 years. All the humans moved out of Earth since it’s filled with garbage and temporary live on a spacecraft, the Axiom, in outer space waiting for robots, like WALL-E, to clean up all the trash. However, as time passed, the garbage couldn’t be cleaned up and people forgot the fact that they are waiting to return. They adapted into the environment in the Axiom. In the spacecraft, there are robots that complete all different kinds of tasks for human, such as: brushing teeth, putting on make-up, providing shade, etc. Besides these, there are also robots that replace polices, teachers, and even the captain, in controlling the whole spacecraft. Presently, in our lives, there are technologies that help us do our work, like electric toothbrushes,

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