Technology Is A Huge Part Of Society Today Essay

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Technology is a huge part of society today, no one can deny that. But how has the updated technology affected America’s Pastime? Baseball has now been built around modern technology, as has everything in today’s world. Back before games were broadcast on the radio, fans used to have to wait until the next day to find out if their team won and to see the score. Today, an avid fan can see the details of every pitch the pitcher throws as he throws it. Anyone can watch any game they want, no matter where they live. A Boston Red Sox fan that lives in Sacramento, California can watch any Boston game, not just when the Red Sox come to California. A major way technology has affected is the use of replay in the MLB. As much as it is was questioned when it was brought into the league, it has become a major part of the game today. Almost any questionable call can be reviewed to get it right. Injuries have turned into the big talk of most professional sports today. They are inventing new technology to help prevent these injuries, including concussions and shoulder injuries. Social Media is such a huge part of the internet today. Social Media can connected fans to their favorite players. This can be a very good thing, but at the same time it can sometimes be a not very good thing. “Baseball was once a game where fans were limited to one or two televised games a week and could get news on teams other than those in their home town only through newspapers and occasional magazine stories.

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