Technology Is Getting Smarter While Humans

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In recent years, it has sadly become true that technology is getting smarter while humans are getting dumber. Due to the overwhelming success of social media as a new form of communication, the world is experiencing a massive increase of media exposure, especially among teenagers. Indeed, people are beginning to appreciate the simplicity of the old days; kids used to spend more time outdoors, making face to face interactions with both people and nature. Nowadays, the whole world in teenagers’ eyes seems to fit into the screens of their smartphones, making it harder for parents to control the type of content their kids are exposed to every day. Even though social media was initially designed to bring people closer together, It has actually turned into a problem instead of a solution; kids today are suffering from behavioral disorders that are not supposed to occur at such a young age. Despite the advantages of social media, it seems to influence teenagers negatively, causing them to lack social skills and turn into concernedly depressed, constantly bored shades of human beings. Although it may seem unrelated, social media has been linked with depression. In reality, teenagers tend to spend a lot of time alone in their rooms accompanied by only their phones or laptops, which causes them to subconsciously feel alone even though they think they are communicating with the world through technology. In turn, loneliness increases the amount of time one spends thinking, making one

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