Technology Is Our New Innovation

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Since the beginning of the first civilization, the only way for survival was the consciousness of having to modernize the living situations of human beings. The only way one could develop a better future was by improving what they already had with the discovery of new innovations. In this lifetime, technology is our new innovation. It is what we need to improve on and become more familiar with so we can establish a better future. A future like that can only be possible if we allow the advances of technology to move forward. In this modern era, the gradual advances in our technology have helped us to succeed in a superior and more significant way. It is because of these advances that we have become the prominent civilization we are today.…show more content…
A reason to why our modern technology is significant can be determined by the knowledge growth a child has had because of these advances. Toddlers are curious about the world around them and about learning because it is all new to them and so they are using their developing sense of initiative and creativity to absorb it. In a dumbfounding way, they are exploring their ability to create and communicate in a variety of ways like repeating all the words they hear, copying the movements of another human being or using their bodies to express their ideas or thoughts like dancing or singing. Since that is what children have been doing, digital technologies provide one more outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and progress in learning. However, many believe that computers or any kind of device with internet access should not be for children of ages between four and below. Their argument would be that those devices are not appropriate or significant for them. They believe that children should use their imagination more often than letting a device ruin that. Except, this technology is not ruining their imagination. In fact, it is enhancing their imagination. Experts have been looking into this and this is what they say, “Appropriate use of technology in the classroom is to expand, enrich, implement, individualize, differentiate, and extend the overall curriculum. And, obviously, curricula goals change with age, and differ from program to program” (Wardle 1). This
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