Technology Is The Hard Bringer Of Destruction

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When I think of technology, I often categorize technology into beneficial, harmful or as both Technology sometimes carries the negative stigma that technology is the hard bringer of destruction, an ideal perpetuated by dystopian sci-fi movies (look at Terminator and the development of Weapon of Mass Destruction). Perhaps, that will one day become a reality, when AI (Aritificial Intelligence) becomes way too sophisticated to be controlled by our feeble human mind. However, today I am not talking about technology in the science fiction realm; I want to discuss how technology improves and at the same time has the potential to harm someone’s livelihood. This way of analysis will evaluate how individual use technology every day. Technology …show more content…

Transportation What do I see every day on the road? Cars, of course. Not long ago America did not have the sophisticated interstate and transportation infrastructure I see today. These things only started to become a reality during the Great Depression era, when the government was struggling to rejuvenate the economy. What better way to make the American economy healthy again? Well, the solution proposed by the government was to put people to work on massive projects that can employ a lot of people and at the same time serves a purpose. Without an admirable transportation infrastructure, I do not think that we will see the modernization of automobiles. Because what is the purpose of better vehicle, when there is no enough of paved roads for them? So, with all these things available to us, I utilize this technology every day. I use my car (Nissan Altima 2016) to travel to work, subway and school. Automobiles and different vehicles are currently promptly accessible and are technologically advanced enough for safe use and to act as a solid apparatus for getting individuals and products starting with one place then onto the next in a moderately short space of time. Without a great transportation system or a reliable tool of transportation, things won’t arrive from one place to another on time. As such, when I look back in time when

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