The Numbing Effects Of Technology On Self Made Outcasts

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Christopher Walton
SMC 1313 – Foundations of Reflection: Others
Dr. Frechette
October 30, 2015

The Numbing Effects of Technology on Society: Self-made Outcasts
Technology is becoming detrimental to our abilities to communicate, and empathize with each other. In these days Individuals rarely have a reason to communicate with one another face to face, because they usually communicate over texts or emails. This is a problem because the younger generations lack the empathy that you can only gain through conversation with others. A lack of empathy will eventually erode a person’s feelings of connection with society and they will become a self-made outcast, disconnected from society because people are too difficult to empathize with. This Paper will attempt to counteract the detrimental effects of technology on society.
1. In this world of growing technological dependence we are losing the ability to socialize without the interruptions of technology. Physiological changes, addiction, and saturation of information are just a few of the negative effects that technology can cause to anyone who has used it. Technology is, without a doubt, detrimental if it is not used in moderation.
2. Technology is changing our physiology regarding how we perceive the world. Technology is altering our brains to be increasingly active in seeking information through positive reinforcement; each time you find something interesting on the internet your brain notes
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