Technology, Serbians, and Albanians in Power over People by Daniel R, Headrick

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Everything comes with pros and cons, and so are technology and utilization of air force. However, there are many incidents where people only remember the advantages while neglecting the side effects those brought. One of the famous incidents is Kosovo war that is known to bring human rights to people who are deprived of it due to their different ethnicity, but we cannot simply conclude that the Serbians were the aggressors and Albanians were the victims. Similarly, on the one hand, the superior technology acquired by the NATO and the US demonstrated that technology means power to achieve what they want. On the other hand, the technology that people developed can bring disaster to people by increasing the death rate during the war and …show more content…

They reduced their cost by using the air force, and they saved RAF from its greedy rivals, the army and the navy. More importantly, it kept Iraq and its oil in the British sphere at lower cost than any other method, and it helped the Iraqi regime too. Although the use of air force is controversial, it is still cheap and effective way to panic and defeat the enemies. In both cases, the advancement in the technology, the air force, enabled them to be superior to their enemies and easily panic and achieve its main goal. These wars indicate that war enabled people to achieve what they want in faster and more efficient manner than before. Although air force is an effective way to drive the enemies out, they still have side effects and disadvantages just like everything else. Both incidents coincide in the idea that the technology though helped to end the war faster, it made more casualties. In case of Kosovo war, Gibbs stated before the attack of NATO, the death rate of all soldiers and civilians were about 2000. However, the number skyrockets when NATO starts its bombing campaign. Since the Serbs cannot defend against the superior technology, they relieved their anger to the Albanians. Moreover, the technology led to more casualties of both soldiers and the civilians. The technology also made the war longer. The air strikes made the Albanian military to move its base and aggravate them instead of giving up. Headrick had same perspective

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