Technology : The Positive Influence Of Technology In Our Life

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When it comes to technology, I feel that it is used quite a lot in our lives. Whether it be listening to the radio or using our cell phones to communicate with others. Technology has helped us in many ways which made it part of our daily routine. When I start of my day, I use my phone’s alarm clock to wake myself up. Once I am up, i grab my ipad and play some video on youtube. The video is usually like some type of podcast just to listen to while i get ready. Then i sometimes eat breakfast while still listening to the podcast. After eating breakfast, it's about that time to go to school. Before i leave, i make sure i have my phone because without it, I feel like i lose connection to the “world”. As i drive to school, i listen to my spotify music. Once i get to school, i usually don't use much of my phone. I occasionally check the time and to see if i got any texts. Other than that, I am paying attention and taking notes. By the time my classes end, I head to my car but while doing so, i check some of my social media accounts. The social media accounts i use the most are instagram and snapchat. I realized that i only check it while i walk because i feel that the walk to my car seems quicker. Once i get home, i make sure to feed my dogs and either make something to eat or eat something i bought. While doing so, i watch youtube videos of the people im subscribed to. So far, throughout the morning and afternoon, I realized i use technology quite a lot. It just increases from

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