Technology Vs. Nature : The Battle Between Technology And Nature

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The battle between technology and nature is not a new one. From deforestation to fishing technology that can pierce whale hide, technology and nature have played a game of tug of war for ages. From the time man has first picked up a plow and seeded the land, nature has been there with a tornado to wipe the work away. Every time man had started to overpopulate, wild animals and weather would keep it to a reasonable level. But what happens when man advances faster and with more force than nature can? When an industrial revolution or a form of colonization force nature into a small, confined corner. When animals and plants become history and myth. When the amazon becomes a concrete jungle? The battle between technology and nature has affected the world through globalization, industrialization, and colonization, and continues to affect the world both past, present, and future.
Since the beginning of time, humans have been victims to the forces of nature. Some forms of humanity even worshipped these forces, offering sacrifices to appease them. It was not until the 20th century that man learned to master the forces of nature, and no longer reducing living to survival. Looking globally, the world’s population had “Tripled” (Findley), since 1950. When there are more people, there are more consumers and producers. So while the world saw a population increase, it also saw a large economic spike. A 1400% increase. With an increase in mouths to feed, came a large demand for food. This

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