Technology Vs Science Fiction

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For this, the final essay in this Technology and Science Fiction course, the assignment is to analyze and synthesize a minimum of one film or novel with a theoretical treatment similar to what we have read throughout this semester. The theory that I found most fascinating and controversial overall in this class is the question of when technology has reached its limitations, and the morality issues surrounding what those restrictions should be. This concept ties together technology and science fiction very well seeing as a multitude of technological inventions began as mere ideas or fiction, science fiction that is. The pieces I have chosen to write about from the abundance of movies and books we have surveyed these previous sixteen weeks are Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age, and the twelve page article by Gorman Beauchamp, Technology in the Dystopian Novel. The unassigned film I have selected to consider alongside these two works is the very recently released third sequel in the Captain America series, Captain America Civil War, I apologize in advance if you have

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Simply put, technology is entirely comprised of inventions, and of course every single invention began as a piece of fiction as I previously stated. In Stephenson’s novel there is a plethora of these inventions that carry this potential to one day be put to use outside of sheer science fiction. Inventions such as nanotech birth control, clothing fabric that doesn't require washing, and a manufactured coral reef which has the ability to bring in clean water. Of course many technological advances have been greatly beneficial to individuals and society as a whole, however has technology gone too far when it begins to embrace other fields of expertise such as medicine as in the case of Stephenson’s technological
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